• Perry County Courthouse
  • 2 East Main Street, New Bloomfield, PA 17068
  • P) 717.582.2131
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about Jury Duty; I am going to be late or can't make it-who do I talk to?

Where do I go to pick up a dog license?

Where can I obtain a hand gun permit?

Who do I contact to reserve a meeting room or schedule a tour of the County offices?

Where do I get information for meals on wheels or aging services available for seniors?

Where do I go for a passport, to change a name, file for divorce, questions on mortgage foreclosures, copies of liens or questions on mortgage foreclosures?

Where do I get information on Foster care?

Where do I make payments for Court Costs and Fines?

I have questions on my property taxes or my occupation taxes, who do I talk with?

Where can I get information on how to obtain a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage licenses, wills, military discharge papers, etc.?