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Financial Overview Questions

Below are questions and answers pertaining to the financial overview document presented at the April 1, 2024 Commissioners” meeting.

1-Who put together the cash/investment balance sheet? Did the fiscal department have any help or guidance whatsoever from ZA or any other outside entity in preparing this cash/investment balance sheet?

The Fiscal Office prepared the information with guidance from ZA.

2- How do you know how much money to earmark for these “projects” if you don’t have a plan?   When do you foresee having a plan for these projects to which you have earmarked county funds?

The current Board of Commissioners is in the process of developing a plan for the next four years to address the allocations.

3–In the cash/investment statement provided yesterday, where is the $500k discretionary account included that was used to fund the salary increase for the department heads?

County expenses are reflected in the General Fund Summary of Revenue and Expenditures under the YTD Expenditures.

4-What kind of economic development projects justify a $3 million dollar deficit to the budget?

The funds earmarked for economic development are planned for future projects to foster economic growth in the County.

5- When comparing the two revenue and expenditure balance sheets from 2/29 and 3/31 and looking at the difference between both.  I understand why revenue went up—receipts of tax revenue, etc. along with the expenses going up—-that’s normal.  What I cannot understand is the revenue went up by over $4M, the expenses went up by $1.49M and you only report an increase of about $911K in the unrestricted fund.  Where is the remaining $1.66M at, i.e. difference between the increased revenue, minus the increased expenses and the $911k reported increase in the unrestricted funds?

Governmental accounting runs on an accrual basis. The revenue and expenditure report provided on April 1, 2024 reflected a 2024 year-to-date deficit for the months of January and February. The report provided on April 15, 2024 was for the year to date as of March 31. During March we had an excess of revenue which assisted in covering the deficit recorded during January and February. That portion of the report is reflective of revenue and expenditures for the current calendar year budget only.  

The Cash/Investment Balances portion of the Financial Overview is a cash basis report. The cash balance is subject to change as checks are deposited and funds received. The cash received or paid out may be accruals from the previous year and will not be reflected on the revenue and expenditure report for 2024.